Our Mission


Our mission is to facilitate communication and provide an easy-to-use tool for people who have dirt and those who need it within the same geographic region. Since 2002, our platform has been meeting the needs of both the construction industry and the general public.


Why Register with Us?


Registration is required to post your available dirt and make your contact information accessible to members who require dirt. As a guest, you can browse our site, but we will not provide you with the contact information of our registered clients until you have registered. For questions and concerns regarding our privacy policy and how your information will be used, please read our terms of use page.


Is There a Fee?


There are no fees for members who are looking for dirt. For members who are looking to get rid of their dirt, please view our low fees.


Get Your Dirt Here!


Whether you're looking for one load of dirt or a thousand, we can help you find what you need. Our easy-to-use and extensive client database can match you with members who have the exact type of dirt you're looking for. We have designed this platform to conveniently match members who need dirt with those who are looking to get rid of it.


Before you start looking for dirt, consider these tips:


  1. Check to see if your property requires a permit for clean fill at City Hall

  3. Verify the credentials and details of any company you deal with

  5. Inspect all loads of incoming fill

  7. Record details of all transporters bringing fill onto your property

  9. Take precautions to avoid risking fines or costly cleanups

  11. Bulking factor: remember to allow for an approximate 20% increase in soil volume after excavation


How It All Works


You must be a registered member to have full access to our listings. Registration is required for members to access your contact information when they have a cut or fill that matches what you are looking for. Please note that only other registered members can access your contact information, helping to prevent spammers from gaining access to the contact information provided to us by our registered members.


Once you've registered, you can use your login information to sign in to your account and post your advertisement or specify your search in the have fill or need fill listings.


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Clean Fill Network is a leading online platform for connecting individuals and businesses who need clean fill dirt with those who have it. Our site allows you to quickly and easily find clean fill dirt in your local area, so you can complete your project on time and on budget. We offer comprehensive listings across the United States, Canada, and Australia, making it easy for you to access the clean fill dirt you need no matter where you are. Join the Clean Fill Network community today and experience the benefits of our fast and efficient service.


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